Justin Trudeau has been disastrous for Canada. 

Whether it’s the high taxes, the skyrocketing debt, the contempt for our energy sector, the aimless foreign policy or the deep ethical lapses we’ve seen in the SNC Lavalin scandal, we all know that this Liberal government isn’t working for us. 

Canada’s Two Mainstream Parties Are Looking and Sounding the Same.

The truth is, this isn’t just a Liberal problem or a Justin Trudeau problem. It’s a deeper, more pervasive problem with our myopic Ottawa establishment and our self-serving political class. Liberal and “Conservative” parties are two sides of the same coin. On declining free speech, the confiscatory equalization formula, the expansion of intrusive government, the erosion of family and community values, and the growing culture of divisive identity politics, the difference between the Trudeau Liberals and the Scheer Conservatives is becoming harder and harder to discern. 

Andrew Scheer is Liberal Lite 

The Conservative Party is no longer a party of principled leadership willing to tell hard truths or defend Canadian values and freedoms. This is no longer a party willing to stand up for national borders, a generous but firm immigration policy, our proud Western entrepreneurial attitude and our freedom to work hard and reap the fruits of our labour.

The People’s Party is the Only Vehicle for Deep, Structural Reform

The PPC is the only political party that will take a principled stand on the defining issues of our time. Maxime Bernier is the only leader with the courage to speak truth to power, no matter how politically incorrect. Back in 1993, we elected a Reform Party MP. If any riding in this country fully understands the democratic power of a group of motivated citizens to change the course of history, it's Calgary Centre.


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Chevy Johnston for Calgary Centre